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Kemptons Support Team - Prayer Meeting

Tim Kempton has served the church in Nigeria, for over 4 years, through bible translation. He was part of the TCH 215 church family, serving as an Elder, before he went to work for Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 2017 he and Nim married and in early 2018 spent several months with UNION. 

Bible Translation is one of the areas that TCH churches have identifies as a international Gospel Priority (iGPA). As a church, through the Collective, we support the Kemptons in pastoral, prayer and financial support.

Each month a group from both UNION and TCH 215 meet to pray for the Kemptons. Val Roberts (‭07852 106072‬) is the administrative contact for this group; please get in touch if you would like to regularly join this group. You'll be added to a WhatsApp group who decide the location month-by-month.